Set Goals

In the near future, with the help of this site, Network Detox clients will be able to: 

  • choose their own rules and change for their everyday Network life, e.g. when and where to be Online (or not to be),and at the same time, to improve their Offline life.
  • define what kind of detox goal(s) they would like to achieve, within which time frame, e.g. to be Offline for 23hrs 59min in the next 24hrs. Reaching these objectives lets the player score “Offpoints.” These can be used with one of our many Online retailing partner websites, naturally.
  • select a support group with collaborative group goals, e.g. “maximizing the group’s play time with kittens.” Groups get group rebates on Netox.
  • challenge friends to compete over shared goals.
  • each month, request a complimentary oxygen treatment at one of our mobile container facilities. These offer a temporary nutrient rich workplace to detox in the midst of the city, to rent with no Internet & mobile access whatsoever, ideally close to or within corporate work environment.